Sunday, November 10, 2013

RiZT - Post Mortem

Working on this game jam was certainly an experience! Not only was it the first game jam any of us had attempted, but it was really our first “complete” game.  We have all dabbled in game development, but never really taken one all the way through.  It was challenging trying to juggle work, family, game jam and sleep.  There were even occasions where we found ourselves working on the game while riding (as a passenger!) in the car.  Another unfortunate thing, is that our artist was actually away on vacation for more than the first week of the jam, so he really didn't have the time to contribute as much as we all would have liked.  Imagine his surprise getting a text message while on vacation stating "Hey, you just got signed up for a game jam :) ".  Overall, it was a great learning experience, we went into this jam not really expecting anything from it, just as an experiment to see what we could do, so we are absolutely thrilled and amazed that we were able to place in the top 10.